Healthy Gambling- A social Responsibility

Gambling has been enjoyed by people from times immemorial. It is an outlet to stress and an answer to boredom. Gambling is now online. People have no inhibitions whatsoever to get online and enjoy a game or two of ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์. The harmful effects of compulsive gaming are overlooked by the feel good factor of playing online casino games.

Gambling addiction is very possible and it will not be too far when it becomes inevitably prevalent in the society unless it is looked at as a social responsibility. It is a social responsibility of every body to play responsibly without getting addicted. It in turn saves the players and everyone else associated with the player of the harmful effects of gaming.

It is as much the responsibility of the player himself to work towards correcting himself in case he is already on the road to the dreaded path of addiction.

Identifying behaviour

Online casino games should be played only for the fun and entertainment they have to offer. Playing for any reason other than this is a sure shot killer. You know there is a problem when you play and play more than you should for the adrenaline rush and the thrill it gives instead. Identify that this is a problem and rectify it asap.


Most of the time the players know that there are consequences to playing compulsively. If you still cant hold back, it would really help you to write down how compulsive gaming is affecting your life and work negatively. This way you acknowledge the consequences and do the much needed thinking.

Mental Health

Compulsive gaming is harmful to the mental well being of a player. It is very likely that you face relationship and behavioural issues. On the flipside, you can suffer from depression and anxiety as withdrawal symptoms when you try to avoid playing after playing compulsively. Suicidal thoughts can take over your mind many a times. You must fight such thoughts and tendencies.


Like any addiction, gambling addiction also has certain triggers in general and some that are particularly an individual’s trigger points. In compulsive gambling, it cod be the thought of something that could take you to gambling like that of a computer or a device you played these games on. It could be people you were used to playing with. These triggers must be kept at bay in order to keep away from getting addicted.


Cultivate healthy hobbies to keep your mind off compulsive gambling or go back to what you enjoyed as a hobby when you were a kid like painting. Anything that will help you distract yourself from gaming. Distracting does help in gambling addiction just as effectively as it would in any other kind of addiction for that matter.

It is just a matter of time. Once you know how to draw a line between healthy gambling and compulsive gambling, you can make an attempt to enjoy gaming in a healthy way again. Till then keep these points as guidelines to avoid gambling excessively.  Take it up as a social responsibility. Keep yourself, your family and friends, your loved ones, your peers and the society on the whole from the risks of gambling addiction.


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